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Car sale information providing system and method, and car dealing system

Image Number 12 for United States Patent #7028002.

An information processing technology of the present invention is capable of speeding up a process that a prospective buyer of a used car determines an intention of purchasing the car. A car sale information providing system of the present invention includes a car information storage unit (13, 14) stored with mappings of car information containing a name, a type, a year model etc of a car to car inspection information obtained as a result of inspecting the car concerned. A car information input device (27, 28) is provided for inputting the car information and getting the car information stored in the car information storage unit (13, 14). A search unit (12) is provided for outputting an input screen for searching the car information stored in the car information storage unit (13, 14), and searching based on conditions inputted. The system includes a car information output unit (26), for outputting display information, including a purchase indication interface for transmitting car purchase information containing the searched car information and the car inspection information corresponding to the car information.

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