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Mobile object monitoring system

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7019644.

A security monitoring system providing security for mobile objects in any location, including children in a dining and child entertainment facility. The location of each object or child in the facility is tracked using a transmitter attached to the object or child when it/they enter the facility, and a video image of each child is mapped to and displayed on a video display at a table to which the child's family or group is assigned. Any unauthorized attempt at removing a child from the facility, or at a child attempting to leave the facility without authorization, or unauthorized removal of a transmitter, or a transmitter ceasing to operate, causes notification to be given to appropriate personnel and entrance/exits are locked until the child is located. Ordering of food and drinks is done using touch screen technology on the video display at each table. The transmitters can also be used to control access to video games or specific play areas as specified by a parent or guardian. When playing video games or using play facilities for which there is an extra charge, the transmitters are used for authorizing access and for billing purposes. To map physical positions within the facility to positions on a video display, a transmitter is placed in various locations about the facility and the touch screen video display is used to map the physical positions with positions on the video display for different video cameras.

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