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Image display apparatus and image display method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #7018045.

An image display apparatus and method is disclosed that can prevent shot-sneaking of an image displayed by a projector apparatus. The projector apparatus embeds a display image portion in which the same color is represented with another color space of R, Cy, and B by color space conversion as a shot-sneaking preventing image portion into an original image as a display image for which a color space of R, G, and B is used to reproduce a color. The shot-sneaking preventing image portion appears to the visual sense of the human being as the same color as that of the oringinal image. However, the color component values of R and B are different in terms of the color component values of R and B between the color space of R, G, and B and the color space of R, Cy, and B. Therefore, for example, if a camera that picks up an image in accordance with the R, G, B method is used to pick up an image of the display image, then the picked-up display image is reproduced in a color different from the original color.

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