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Translation and substitution of transmitted environmental data

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #7016933.

A method, system and computer program product for generating an alternative form of transmitted environmental data, e.g., scent information, air temperature settings, air humidity settings, triggering of infrared devices such as to create tactile warmth. Upon identifying one or more environmental data files in a received file, e.g., HTML file, environmental data associated with the data files may be read and interpreted. If there are no environmental devices, e.g., smell-generating device, configured to emit a response to the environmental data or if the environmental devices are disabled from emitting a response to the environmental data, then the environmental data may be translated into a form a computer may be capable of reproducing. The translated form may then be outputted in a variety of forms such as: pictorial data (e.g., picture of a pine tree substituting a pine smell), graphical effects (e.g., screen-flashing effect may substitute a strobe-light trigger).

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