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Transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element, and wavelength characteristics variable apparatus, optical amplifier, and optical transmission system, using same

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #7016096.

An object of the invention is to easily realize an optical element using an etalon type structure, capable of changing a periodic transmission wavelength characteristic in an axial direction of transmissivity, and also capable of changing a periodic characteristic with respect to wavelength. To this end, a transmission wavelength characteristics variable optical element according to the invention comprises: a light interference section including a pair of wedge shape magneto-optic crystals arranged with taper faces thereof in close contact, that can change a distance between reflecting films formed on parallel planes of the magneto-optic crystals, by relatively moving the magneto-optic crystals by movable sections, permanent magnets for applying a fixed magnet field to the pair of magneto-optic crystals, an electromagnet for applying a variable magnetic field in a direction different to the fixed magnetic field, and a variable current source controlling the current flowing into the electromagnet.

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