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Image-processing apparatus and image-displaying apparatus

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #7006713.

The image-processing apparatus includes n image processing sections which receive n consecutive pixel data items that are respectively input with the same timing and which respectively process the respective input pixel data items with the same timing, and a control section that controls the n image processing sections. Each of the image processing sections are capable of being set to one of a first operation mode allowing data communication with the controlling section and a second operation mode allowing only reception from the aforementioned controlling section, one of the image processing sections is set to the first operation mode, and n-1 of the image processing sections are set to the second operation mode. Commands are commonly given to the n image processing sections from the controlling section; and when a command is given from the controlling section to the one of the image processing sections that is set to the first operation mode, the n image processing sections individually execute the same processing with the same timing.

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