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Permanent magnet type three-phase AC rotary electric machine

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6998750.

Several embodiments of permanent magnet type three-phase AC rotary electric machines wherein the phase current flow is formed by parallel circuits formed by a plurality of serial circuits each comprising one or a plurality of stator coils so that electromagnetic voltage or counter electromagnetic voltage generated across opposite ends of the plural serial circuits may be always almost the same. Thus, a circulating current does not flow in the parallel circuits, whereby the efficiency of the rotary electric machine can be improved. Also, since the line current circuit of each of the phases is constituted of a parallel circuit, the current flowing in each of the stator coils is small so that the diameter of the stator coil wire can be small. Thus, the winding of the coils can be improved. Also, the processing of the coil terminals is facilitated and the processed portions of the terminals can be made small, resulting in a compact rotary electric machine.

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