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Swing for handicapped persons

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6997815.

The present invention relates to playground apparatus, and in particular to a swing apparatus which may be used by a person confined to a wheelchair.The preferred embodiment of the swing apparatus includes a main body which is adapted to accommodate a wheelchair. The body is formed from moulded plastic and is suspended from a frame structure for reciprocating motion by means of two pairs of substantially parallel arms. The body includes vertically extending internal frame members within the side walls of the body and transversely extending frame members underneath the body connecting opposing vertical frame members located on each side of the swing body. The body of the swing further includes a seat assembly which can be moved between a collapsed position and a raised position. The seat assembly comprises a pair of members which are adapted to clip together so as to provide a secure engagement when the seat is in its erected position. If the swing is to be used by a person in a wheelchair the seat assembly is collapsed so as to allow the wheelchair to be accommodated within the body.

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