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Method and apparatus for seaming abutting layers of planar material

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6997227.

The present invention is concerned with a method and apparatus for seaming together abutting side-by-side layers of planar material with adhesive and a backing tape to form a finished seam extending along the line of abutment. The method consists of laying a backing tape underneath the line of abutment between adjacent layers of planar material, such as floorcovering, followed by dispensing an adhesive along the edges of the abutting layers while simultaneously centering the backing tape with the line of abutment and dispensing adhesive on top of the backing tape. The edges of the abutting layers are then pressed together and against the backing tape until the adhesive has at least partially set thereby forming a finished seam. The apparatus is an applicator tip comprising an upright body having a tape retaining portion for centering the backing tape, a foot portion having wedges for upraising and tilting marginal portions of the abutting layers, an ankle portion that is relatively narrow, and an upper leg portion adapted to connect with an adhesive dispenser via a swiveling elbow connection. A flow passageway extends through the elbow connection from the dispenser to a leg passageway extending from the upper leg portion, through the ankle portion, to the foot portion. The leg passageway connects with an ankle passageway that terminates in orifices on either side of the ankle portion, and with a foot passageway that terminates in orifices on the rear face of the applicator tip. Thus, adhesive injected into the applicator tip by the dispenser is discharged through the orifices on the ankle portion onto the edges of the abutting layers and is discharged through the orifices on the rear face of the foot portion onto the top surface of the backing tape as the applicator is advanced along the line of abutment between the abutting layers.

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