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Method and apparatus for texture cloning

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6996287.

Embodiments of the invention allow for cloning texture from one image location to another. The two locations may belong to the same image, or to two different images. Embodiments of the invention use a median filter to filter a source image and a target image. The filtered source image and the original source image are combined to extract texture information. Texture information is then combined with the filtered target image to generate a destination image.Embodiments of the invention may be utilized to retouch photographs, in order to correct, improve or change localized flaws or problems in images. An example is the removal of wrinkles and blemishes on a person's face. Embodiments of the invention allow for cloning the texture from a smooth skin area into a region of wrinkles, while preserving the colors and shadings of the target image.

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