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Method for sealing zipper assembly to bag making film at three or more points

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6993886.

A method for sealing a zipper assembly to bag making film at three or more points. The zipper assembly comprises a short zipper flange and a long zipper flange. The short flange is joined to one wall of the package while the long flange is joined to both walls of the package to define a product space in which the product is contained. Both the short and long zipper flanges are sealed to the bag making film at a first sealing station prior to folding of the film. After folding, the long zipper flange is sealed at one or more zones of joinder to the other side of the folded film. If the zipper assembly is attached in proximity to the fold line, then the second sealing operation is performed before filling and the bag is filled through the package bottom. If the zipper assembly is attached near the edge of the web of bag making film, then the second sealing operation is performed after the filling operation.

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