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Cellular structure and a method for making a cellular structure

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6989066.

A cellular structure such as a honeycomb window treatment and method for making the cellular structure is provided by securing a plurality of rows of elongated cells to one another. Each of the plurality of rows is constructed by providing a first longitudinally extending length of material. This first material includes a first surface and a second surface. The first material further includes a lesser width portion and a greater width portion. A second longitudinally extending length of material is also provided. The second material also includes a first surface and a second surface of the first material. The second surface of the second material is secured to the first surface over the greater width portion of the first material along a plurality longitudinally extending locations, preferably defined by glue or adhesive lines, on the second surface of the second material to form a row. A longitudinally extending crease is also formed in the first material such that the lesser width portion and the greater width portion of the first material lie on opposite sides of the crease.

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