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Camera having shake correction device mounted thereon

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6987529.

A camera of this invention is a camera containing a shake correction device for correcting the shake by reading out application voltage data corresponding to a detected shake amount by use of parameters stored in an EEPROM indicating the relation between a voltage applied to a wedge prism and a deflection angle of a light beam and applying a voltage subjected to the temperature correcting process to the wedge prism to change the index of refraction of the wedge prism and deflect the light beam in a direction opposite to the shake direction. The parameters are determined by deriving the relation between the application voltage and the inclination of the light beam by detecting the inclination of a reference light beam from the illuminating position of the image sensing device while changing the index of refraction of the wedge prism by applying a voltage to the wedge prism and then stored into an EEPROM as a data table

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