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Combustion control with temperature compensation

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6984122.

Combustion control systems for maintaining a selected fuel-air ratio for a combustion apparatus supplied with air at a substantially constant volumetric rate are improved by means for adjusting the flow rate of fuel in relation to temperature fluctuations of the air. A temperature sensor positioned in the air stream before it mixes with the fuel is connected to a converter which transmits converted temperature signals from the sensor as adjustments of a remote control-flow regulator in the fuel line or in the air stream. Thus, if the flow regulator is in the fuel line, a drop in air temperature will cause an increase of the fuel flow rate. Conversely, a rise in air temperature will result in a reduced fuel flow rate. If the flow regulator is in the air stream, a drop in air temperature will cause a decrease in the air flow rate, while a rise in air temperature will result in increased air flow rate. The invention is also applicable to temperature variations of the fuel by using the three basic components: a temperature sensor, a converter and a remote control-flow regulator.

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