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EMC/ESD mitigation module

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6972967.

An assembly for mitigating at least one of an electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference is provided. The assembly includes (a) first and second spaced apart electrical conductors 108 and 116 and (b) a mitigation module 300 electrically coupled to the first and second spaced apart electrical conductors to control a magnitude of an electrostatic discharge and/or electromagnetic interference in the first and second electrical conductors 108 and 116. One or more of the following statements is true: (i) the mitigation module 300 comprises a ferrite material 304; (ii) the mitigation module 300 comprises a lossy dielectric material 308; and (iii) an equivalent electrical circuit for at least part of the mitigation module 300 comprises at least a first circuit segment 512 comprising a first inductor and a first capacitor electrically connected in parallel and a second capacitor 504 electrically connected in series with the first circuit segment 512. The first and second electrical conductors can be, for example, a ground plane of a printed circuit board 108 and a wall of the enclosure or chassis 116.

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