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Airless blaster arrangement

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6971947.

An airless blaster arrangement (100) for the surface treatment of objects with blasting agents, comprising an airless blaster (10) consisting of several radially arranged thrower blades (11) which are secured to at least one side disk (14). An area (12, 13) for the projection of blasting agents is respectively provided between two thrower blades. A distributor element (20) with a star-shaped cross-section formed by several guide ribs (21) extends coaxially with respect to the airless blaster (10) and is connected thereto in rotationally fixed manner. One guide rib (21) of the distributor element (2) is respectively joined to a thrower blade (11). A blasting agent guide channel (22) of the distributor element (20) leads into the blasting agent projection area (12).

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