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Tape dispenser

Image Number 9 for United States Patent #6971431.

A tape dispenser for applying adhesive tape to a substrate surface. The dispenser includes an exterior application surface with an opening therein. A plurality of rotatable cylindrical rollers are mounted within the housing, wherein the surfaces of the rollers coact with each other and the tape surfaces to retain, guide and feed the tape through the tape dispensing opening to the exterior application surface. At least two of the plurality of rollers are opposed rollers that engage the tape surfaces therebetween. The outer surface of at least one of the plurality of rollers protrudes through the opening enabling frictional contact of the roller surface with the substrate surface. When the dispenser is drawn over the surface, the outer surface of the this roller engages and rolls over the substrate surface. It also coacts with the outer surfaces of the other rollers, causing them to grip the tape and feed it through the opening, enabling the adhesive tape to be applied to the substrate surface.

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