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Droplet generator for microdroplets, in particular nozzle head for inkjet printer

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6969156.

A droplet generator for microdroplets (6), in particular a nozzle head for inkjet printers, having groups of piezo electrically actuated bending converters (1) disposed in a casing (11), wherein the bending converters (1) are disposed at a distance from each other and are guided in recesses separated by wall thicknesses, wherein liquid longitudinal channels (12) run below the flexible fingers (5) and having a liquid chamber (13) with a nozzle (7), can maintain a high liquid flow, in the case of sufficiently thick chamber walls, wherein the chamber walls do not allow a deformation to occur having in each case an edge bead (15) run around an opening (14) of the liquid chamber (13), wherein the edge bead (15) serves to limit a stroke of a respective one of the flexible fingers (5) and wherein a shaft (16) having at least the width of the flexible finger (5) and the height level of the base plate (1a) follows the opening (14).

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