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Solar cell module and roof equipped with power generating function using the same

Image Number 17 for United States Patent #6967278.

An object of the invention is to provide a solar cell module in which sufficient drainage and ventilation are ensured on the rear side, an output cable can be prevented from being caught during installation, and long term reliability is ensured by preventing bleed of the output cable, and another object of the invention is to provide a solar cell module integrated with building materials in which water leakage into the house and failure due to staying moisture can be avoided by imparting a waterproof function of a verge substrate water drip. A bottomed drain gutter opening to the abutting face of a heat insulating supporting material is provided to communicate with the side of the heat insulating supporting material, and a cable holding groove opening to the abutting face of a leg vertically provided on the heat insulating supporting material and deeper than the diameter of the laid cable is made to communicate with the side of the leg in order to hold the cable without projecting the cable from the opening. Furthermore, a plurality of geta members are arranged on the bottom of a supporting base and the thickness of each geta member is so set that the supporting base does not collapse the verge substrate water drip when the solar cell modules are laid on the verge substrate water drip.

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