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Unit of ammunition with one or more warhead casings

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6966265.

An ammunition device (4) comprising one or more warhead effect jackets (17), each jacket containing warhead effect elements (18). The ammunition device also incorporates one or more explosive compositions arranged inside each warhead effect jacket that in or close to the target is/are triggerable by means of a triggering device. One or more separation charges is/are arranged adjacent to each warhead effect jacket that when actuated cause removel of one or more said warhead effect jacket(s). The actuation devices incorporate or interact with a programming device that operates with a first mode that can be an initial mode in which the actuation devices remain non-actuated, and a second mode in which the programming device actuates the actuation devices for initiating the separation charges, thereby causing ejection of each warhead effect jacket concerned.

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