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Automatic cluster join protocol

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6965957.

A method for new nodes to join a cluster in a serial sequence includes (a) a new node transmitting a first type of request to join the cluster and (b) the new node determining if it has to back off the first type of request. The new node has to back off if (1) it has received a second type of request to join the cluster from another new node, (2) it has received the first type of request with a higher sequence number from another new node, (3) it has received the first type of request with a lower node number from another new node, or (4) a member node of the cluster is in a busy state. The new node transmits the first type of request, receives the first type of request, and receives the second type of request through primary links to the new nodes and member nodes of the cluster.

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