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Reducing the effects of shorts in pixels of an active matrix organic electroluminescent device

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6961032.

An OLED device, with each pixel including a plurality of laterally spaced first electrodes, each corresponding to a portion of the pixel and a common second electrode vertically spaced from the plurality of first electrodes; at least one light-emitting layer disposed between the first and second electrodes including a host and a dopant for emitting light in response to current; a hole-transporting layer disposed between the light-emitting layer and the first or second electrodes; and a transistor drive circuit for each pixel including separate transistors, each transistor associated with a different one of the first electrodes and when driven causes current to pass between its corresponding first electrode and the second electrode so that, if there is a short in the portion between an individual first electrode and the second electrode, the remaining portions will continue to produce light in the light-emitting layer, thereby reducing the effects of the short.

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