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Pattern testing board and system

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6960085.

A pattern testing board is able to detect an emission beam such as a laser or light beam from a shooting system. A pattern testing board includes a plurality of paired emission beam sensors and hit indicators. Each emission beam sensor is responsive to a detected emission beam and each hit indicator signals the sensing of the emission beam by the associated emission beam sensor. Multiple pattern testing boards may be mounted together to provide a larger pattern testing system array. Further, an overlay with a representation thereon, a moving image display system, or a reflective moving image display system may be positioned in front of one or more pattern testing boards. Still further, the pattern testing board may be incorporated in a unique target system that includes the pattern testing board for determining the beam pattern emitted by the beam emitter, a level selection board for selecting a level of play; and a targeting game board having a plurality of targets.

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