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Ganged fire extinguisher system

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6955226.

A non-electrically actuated ganged fire extinguisher system for use in an enclosure of a size larger than the capacity of a single pre-engineered fire extinguisher comprises at least two pre-engineered fire extinguishers positioned at spaced locations in the enclosure. An actuation valve is mounted on the outlet of each fire extinguisher. A fluid operated valve actuator for each valve retains the valve in a closed state when the actuator is pressurized and opens the valve when the actuator is depressurized. A vent line connects the valve actuators and provides fluid communication therebetween, such that the actuators are maintained at the same pressure state. At least one non-electrical temperature sensor is mounted in fluid communication with the vent line. The temperature sensor opens an outlet to the vent line and releases the pressure therein when the temperature in the vicinity of the sensor reaches a predetermined value indicative of a fire hazard. The release of pressure in the vent line in turn causes substantially simultaneous actuation of all fire extinguishers connected to the vent line.

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