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Packaging machine

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6951090.

A packaging machine has a former with a guiding member and tube for forming an elongated bag-making material into a tubular form, a longitudinal sealer disposed on the front side of the tube for sealing mutually overlapping side edge parts of the tubularly formed bag-making material in a longitudinal direction and a transverse sealer for sealing the longitudinally sealed bag-making material in a transverse direction transverse to the longitudinal direction to thereby package articles dropped down. The tube has a conical part at the top and a cylindrical part extending downward from the conical part. The cylindrical part has an opening on the back side such that articles dropped through the interior of the tube can directly contact the bag-making material and will be prevented from becoming clogged. An unopened part may be provided to the cylindrical part of the tube below the opening in order to maintain a circular cross-sectional shape of the bag-making material.

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