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Methods for making and using self-constrained low temperature glass-ceramic unfired tape for microelectronics

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6949156.

A monolithic self-constrained green body tape for use in low temperature ceramic co-firing is provided. The tape contains at least two layers: one low temperature ceramic layer containing particles of a glass, a ceramic, and an organic binder, and a self-constraining layer containing a refractory ceramic and a wetting agent for the glass in the first layer. When the tape is fired at a sintering temperature of the low temperature ceramic layer, densification occurs in the z (thickness) direction, but essentially no shrinkage (less than about 1%) occurs in the x-y planes. A method for forming a multilayer green body tape using simultaneous wet on wet ceramic slurry deposition is also provided. A dense, monolithic, low temperature, co-fired, self-constrained, multicomponent structure is also provided. The structure contains at least two multilayer ceramic substrates having electronic circuit components mounted thereon or therein. Each multilayer ceramic substrate contains at least two layers with one being a self-constraining layer.

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