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Rotational angle detecting apparatus and torque detecting apparatus

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6948385.

One or plural rotors are coaxially provided on a first shaft and a second shaft connected with each other by a connection shaft. Plural targets are provided at each rotor. Two detecting means disposed opposite to the targets output detection signals having phases different from each other as the rotor rotates. The steering apparatus assists steering according to a steering torque applied to the first shaft detected based on the detection signals and a steering angle of the first shaft. The steering apparatus has comparing means for comparing the detection signals with each other; malfunction judging means for judging whether any one of the detecting means is malfunctioning or not on the basis of a comparison result; and notifying means for notifying a malfunction when the malfunction judging means judges that there is a malfunction and can notify the driver of a malfunction in a torque sensor when it occurs.

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