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System and layout for proper printing of netstamps and other labels

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6939062.

A system for assisting a user with the proper feeding of sheets of labels into a printer so that the labels may be properly printed with postage indicia. The system providing a sheet bearing pre-printed labels for further printing with postage indicia, the sheet having a target marker located thereon. Further provided is an interactive computer software that guides a user to feed a sheet of labels into the printer, directs the printer to print an indication mark on the sheet of labels, and queries the user as to where an indication mark appears on the sheet of labels. The invention further provides a sheet bearing pre-printed labels for further printing with postage indicia, having an area where a plurality of self-stick labels are located, wherein each label is pre-printed with a serial number, and a perimeter margin area having a target marker located thereon.

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