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Exhaust sound and emission control systems

Image Number 11 for United States Patent #6935461.

The exhaust sound and emission control system is a system for reducing sound and noxious emissions from an automotive exhaust. The system may have an exhaust resonator having one or more catalytic converter elements in combination therewith in a single device. Alternatively, the system may have multiple angularly disposed chambers therein, with a series of V-shaped baffles or guides in one of the chambers, thereby combining resonator and muffler functions in a single device. In another alternative, the system has a series of longitudinal tubes therein, in combination with a series of V-shaped guides or vanes, combining catalytic converter, muffler, and resonator functions in a single device. The various elements of the different embodiments, e.g. catalytic converter element(s), double wall shell, perforated tubes and multiple flow paths, interconnecting crossover tubes, etc., may be combined with one another as practicable.

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