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Multilayer ceramic capacitor

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6930876.

A multilayer ceramic capacitor 1 having internal electrode layers 3 and internal dielectric layers 2 having thickness of at most 3.5 .mu.m wherein; the internal dielectric layers 2 comprising dielectric particles contacting the internal electrode layers (contacting dielectric particles 2a) and dielectric particles not contacting the internal electrode layers (non-contacting dielectric particles 2b), and when an average particle size of an entire plural number of dielectric particles included in the internal dielectric layers 2 is D50, and standard deviation for particle size range of the contacting dielectric particles is .sigma., the multilayer ceramic capacitor satisfy the following equations; D50.ltoreq.0.25 .mu.m and .sigma..ltoreq.0.14. According to the present invention, multilayer ceramic capacitor 1 is provided wherein the capacitor is expected to have improved DC bias characteristic even when the internal dielectric layers 2 are made thinner.

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