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Method of monitoring an exposure process

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6929892.

In monitoring of an exposure process, a highly isolative pattern greatly changed in a shape of cross section by fluctuations in the exposure dose and the focal position is an observation target. Especially, to detect a change in a resist shape of cross section from a tapered profile to an inverse tapered profile, one of the following observation methods is employed to obtain observation data: (1) a tilt image of a resist pattern is imaged by using tilt imaging electron microscopy, (2) an electron beam image of a resist pattern is imaged under imaging conditions for generating asymmetry on an electron beam signal waveform, and (3) scattering characteristic data of a resist pattern is obtained by an optical measurement system. The observation data is applied to model data created beforehand in accordance with the exposure conditions to estimate fluctuations in the exposure dose and the focal position.

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