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Turbine apparatus and method

Image Number 8 for United States Patent #6929450.

A turbine system (10) for capturing energy from a fluid stream includes a torque arm (12). At least a pair of, preferably symmetrical clam shell, turbine blades (14) with the upper (16) and lower (18) halves are oppositely connected to the torque arm (12). A coordinating system (46) is connected to the symmetrical clam shell turbine blades (14). The coordinating system (46) further comprises a first system (48) and second system (52). The first system (48) is connected to control and regulate opening and closing of the upper (16) and lower (18) halves of each individual clam shell turbine blade (14). The second system (52) is connected between each pair of the symmetrical clam shell turbine blades (14) so that as one clam shell turbine blade (14) closes the opposite clam shell turbine blade (14) is forced open.

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