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Polishing and cleaning compound device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6916233.

A polishing and cleaning compound device is provided which polishes and cleans a work piece in series, wherein cleaning is started while the polishing is being terminated. Thus, the polishing and cleaning compound device includes a polishing device unit having a pair of cylindrical polishing tools which vertically grip and hold a work piece transported from a container in which a plurality of thin disc-shaped work pieces are installed, the cylindrical polishing tools being rotated so as to pull the work piece up and polish the work piece as the work piece is rotated by rollers for rotation; and a cleaning device unit which is a circular shaped transporting mechanism and in which a plurality of holding devices hold the work pieces polished in the polishing device unit and move to a specific position in turn to clean the work piece. The polishing process is carried out by supplying abrasive and a cleaning process is carried out by supplying washing water.

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