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Image display apparatus

Image Number 16 for United States Patent #6910772.

An image display apparatus of a projection-type is provided which includes an illuminator with a light source, an optical modulator illuminated by light illuminator and which makes spatial modulation of the illumination light according to a to-be-displayed image for either transmission or reflection, and a projection lens to form an image of the optical modulator. The apparatus includes also a first reflecting element to reflect, towards the light source, the unwanted light of the light beam emitted from the illuminator and which will not illuminate the optical modulator, and a second reflecting element to guide, by reflecting, the unwanted light once reflected by the first reflecting element. In the apparatus, the combination of the light source and illuminator, which can recycle the unwanted light efficiently in the projector, makes it possible to inexpensively separate and recombine polarized components of the light beam. Use of a single-plate optical modulator formed from a color filter permits to utilize the light with an improved efficiency. Also by adopting a single-plate optical modulator of a sequential color-type, it is possible to attain an improved efficiency of light utilization. Thus, the efficiency of light utilization of an optical modulator whose numerical aperture is small can be improved and the peak brightness on a dark screen can be elevated.

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