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Rapid deployment soft restraint apparatus and method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6901932.

An apparatus and method for rapidly restraining a person's limbs are disclosed. The inventive apparatus includes a pair of cuff modules, each with three rigid loops positioned on their outer surface, and a cuff interconnect having a flexible elongated body sized and configured to fit through the rigid loops, that is attached to one of the rigid loops on one of the cuff modules. When the cuff modules are applied to the person's limbs, the interconnect body is threaded through the other rigid loops and around the person's midsection, such that the interconnect body surrounds the person's midsection from front and back and forms two tension zones, one at each of the cuff modules to significantly restrict the range of motion of the person's first and second limbs. Optionally, the cuff modules may include releasable connectors to releasable connect to corresponding external stationary restraints. An optional additional set of two cuff modules with a second interconnect may be provided for securing the person's other limbs. The additional cuff module set and second interconnect is provided with a releasable connector for releasably connecting to an external restraint system.

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