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Method of applying a marker element to an implant and an implant provided with a marker element

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6899914.

A method of applying a marker element (6; 6'; 6"; 25; 25'; 26; 28) to an implant (1; 1'; 1"; 1'"; 20; 20'), in particular a stent, intended for implantation in the human or animal body, comprising a main body and an opening (3; 3'; 3"; 3'"; 21; 21') provided in said main body (2; 2'; 2"; 2'"; 22; 22') for receiving the marker element (6; 6'; 6"; 25; 25'; 26; 28), wherein to form at least a part of the marker element (6; 6'; 6"; 25; 25'; 26; 28) a hardenable material or material mix is introduced into the opening and hardened therein.

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