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Workpiece stage of a resist curing device

Image Number 2 for United States Patent #6897415.

A workpiece stage of a resist curing device is devised in which a workpiece on which a resist has been applied is held on a workpiece stage by vacuum suction, in which the workpiece is irradiated with UV radiation with a simultaneous temperature increase, in which it is cooled after UV radiation and by which the resist is cured, the workpiece stage having heating and cooling arrangements, major warping of the carrier is avoided and reliable holding of the workpiece on the carrier surface by vacuum suction obtained by the carrier being made of an aluminum alloy or a copper alloy which meets the following condition:.sigma. labeling the thermal stress which is determined using the following formula:where E is Young's modulus (N/mm.sup.2) at C., .alpha. is the coefficient of linear expansion (1/.degree. C.) at C. and .DELTA.T is a temperature difference (.degree. C.) of C., and .sigma..sub.y is the fracture point at C.

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