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Coin dispensing apparatus for automatic vending machine

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6896114.

A coin dispensing apparatus which is simple in structure and can prevents rise in cost and money exchange fraud. The apparatus comprises an inserting aperture 2 which is provided at the upper part of the body 1 and into which coins 3 are put, a sorting unit 4 which comprises a coin discriminating device 40 discriminating genuineness of coins 3 put into it through the inserting aperture 2, and sorts the coins so discriminated, a coin storing unit 6 which is located under the sorting unit 4 and stores coins 3 sorted every coin kind, a holding unit 5 which is provided between the coin storing unit 6 and the sorting unit 4, and holds temporally coins 3 sorted by the sorting unit 4 every coin kind, and a coin repayment unit 7 which is provided at the lower part of the body 1 and returns coins 3.

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