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Taxidermy form and method

Image Number 6 for United States Patent #6884080.

The invention involves a taxidermy form comprising opposing face pieces having eye openings and nostrils which overlay an inner core having eye sockets, eyeballs, nasal cavities, and a nostril septum to form realistic eye settings and noses. The core is molded as a single unit with eye sockets, a nasal cavity, and a septum and the desired style eyeballs are adhered to the eye sockets and the nasal cavity are detailed and painted to replicate those of a living animal of the type to be mounted. Once the core is prepared, the outer face pieces are attached in an overlying relationship to expose a portion of the eyeballs through the eye openings and the underlying nostril cavities and septum through the nostrils, thereby creating a more realistic taxidermy mount which is easy to prepare. In an alternative embodiment, the two face pieces can be molded as a single unit, which can be easily slipped over the nose of the core and affixed in place in the same manner as the separate pieces.

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