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Device for producing a tubular belt band that can be turned inside out

Image Number 3 for United States Patent #6883555.

A device for producing at least two tubular belt bands that are turned inside out, where each of the belt bands has two fabric layers on top of one another and connected to each other in a longitudinal direction by woven hems to form a cavity. Warp threads of the layers have a uniform warp thread density over an entire length of the belt bands. The device includes a power loom having a shedding mechanism with a reed with parallel dents, a weft insertion device extending over an entire width of the power loom, a control unit for controlling the shedding mechanism, and an expander extending over the entire width of the power loom. The expander has a smaller diameter in a tubular area than in a hem area in correspondence with the belt bands to be produced so that clamping pressure of the expander is substantially constant over an entire width of the woven fabric. A thermal cutting device has cutting heads that are operative to cut out the belt bands in the hem area from the woven fabric web.

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