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Survival suit

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6883185.

A survival suit including two inner bladders filled with air exhaled from the user to provide warmth and floatation. The first inner bladder is located against the user's back that covers the entire dorsal region. Located behind the first inner bladder is a second inner bladder that acts as an insulation layer when submerged under water. Both the first and second inner bladders are filled with fibrous filler material to provide insulation and allow exhaled air to flow freely therein. An air conduit extends from the user's mouth to the second inner bladder. Formed between the first and second inner bladders is an air passageway that delivers air from the second inner bladder into the first inner bladder. Air outlet ports located on the first inner bladder allows exhaled air to escape into the body cavity and that completely surround the user. The exhaled air in the body cavity eventually escapes through the face opening.

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