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Process and device for the production of labels and label obtainable by this process

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6881290.

The printed web of paper, from which label booklets are formed, is provided in a punching unit with punch cuts, which form at least one row of punched areas and non-punched areas, wherein the punched areas remain joined to the non-punched areas respectively along a line running in the transverse direction of the web of paper. In the folding unit each punched area is deflected out of the plane of the web of paper by a blast of compressed air, is folded over contrary to the running direction by means of a pressure roller and pressed onto the associated non-punched area. In the laminating unit a transparent web of plastic provided with a self-adhesive coating on its underside is laminated over the folded web of paper and pressed so that a multilayered web is formed, which on its underside lies on a support web, which is provided with an anti-adhesive coating on its side facing the web of paper. In the punching-out unit the labels are punched out of the multilayered web, the support web with the anti-adhesive coating remaining intact.

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