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Screwed steel pile and method of construction management therefor

Image Number 18 for United States Patent #6881014.

There is provided a screwed steel pile, the end portion of which is open, characterized in that: an apparent resistance at the pile end portion of the pile is reduced when the ground strength is suddenly increased, so that the pile can be easily penetrated into the ground and an intensity of the finally obtained bearing capacity of the pile is high.The specific means is that a pile end portion of the pile body composed of a steel pipe or a hollow pipe made of another material is made open, and one or a plurality of wings are provided on the outside of the pile end portion of the pile body. The pile end portion of the wing may be protruded downward from a pile end face of the pile body.There is provided a method of construction management for managing the construction of a screwed steel pile having one or a plurality of wings on the outside face of the lower end portion of the pile, comprising the steps of: finding penetrative resistance Rp of a bottom plate portion in the process of construction from the balance between inputted energy, which has been inputted to the pile top portion, and consumed energy which has been released from the bottom plate portion; and controlling to continue and/or complete penetration of the screwed steel according to an intensity of penetrative resistance while the penetrative resistance Rp is being found.

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