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Marshmallow toasting utensil and method

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6877232.

Marshmallow-toasting utensils that include a handle and a wire assembly with at least one wire segment extending from the handle. In some embodiments, the wire assembly includes deflectable wire segments with end regions that are biased to a spread-apart configuration. During use, the end regions are urged together and a marshmallow is impaled upon the ends. As the inside of the marshmallow melts, the end regions return toward the unbiased configuration. In some embodiments, the utensil is a collapsible utensil where the wire assembly is selectively positionable between at least extended and collapsed configurations. In some embodiments, the wire segments are adapted to pivot between the stowed and extended configurations. In some embodiments, the wire segments are selectivley removable from the handle. In some embodiments, the wire segments are selectively extendable from and/or stored within the handle. In some embodiments, the handle includes at least one internal compartment.

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