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Method for assessing plant capacity

Image Number 13 for United States Patent #6876948.

A method to determine the capacity of a plant over a time window of interest, the time window having a time length P, having the steps of: (a) gathering the plant's historical production data over a selected time period of length L and calculating the cycle entries of availability fractions for that data set; (b) calculating capacity C(i,1) for each contiguous portion p(i,1) of length p of the cycle entries from the previous step; (c) storing that calculated capacities C(i,1); (d) randomly shuffling the cycle entries; (e) calculating the capacity C(i,2) for each contiguous portion p(i,2) of the shuffled cycle entries; (f) storing the calculated capacities C(i,2); and (g) repeating steps (e)-(f) for a sufficient number of iterations, and then creating a histogram of the calculated capacities C(i,j).

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