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Threading device for tubular packagings

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6875100.

Device for pulling the front end of a feed (4) of tubular packaging (casing) from the filling tube (2) of an apportioning filling machine for paste-like filling goods through the casing brake (5) and the closing device (11), having a pull-through rod (24) for the front end (4a) of the casing which can be hung in a clamping hook (26) on the free end of the rod. The pull-through rod (24) is bent in a semicircular shape and allows for swiveling on the closing device (11) about an axis (23) passing through the circular center point and running perpendicular to the filling tube axis (2a). The swivel axis (23) of the pull-through rod is laterally offset with respect to the filling tube axis (2a), and the closing device (11) can be laterally offset by approximately the same degree with respect to the filling tube (2), from a working position in which the center axis (11a) of the closing device (11) is coaxially aligned with the axis (2a) of the filling tube (2).

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