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Oil well acoustic logging tool with baffles forming an acoustic waveguide

Image Number 4 for United States Patent #6868036.

An acoustic logging tool includes external baffle assemblies forming a waveguide structure at the acoustic source. The logging tool is designed for acoustic logging of earth formation surrounding a borehole. The external baffle assemblies form a waveguide structure that is designed to increase signal to noise ratio in an acoustic logging tool using dipole or other acoustic waves. In a preferred embodiment, the acoustic logging tool includes an elongated transmitter module, and a receiver sonde having a linear array of acoustic receivers. The transmitter module includes first and second cylindrical masses spaced apart along the axis by first and second spacers. The first cylindrical mass defines a first circular facing surface and a first cylindrical outer surface. The second cylindrical mass defines a second circular facing surface and a second cylindrical outer surface. A multi-pole acoustic source is fixedly mounted between the first and second circular facing surfaces, and located on the transmitter module axis between the first and second spacers. A first annular baffle assembly surrounding the first cylindrical outer surface has a first annular facing surface co-planar with the first circular facing surface. A second annular baffle assembly surrounding the second cylindrical outer surface has a second annular facing surface co-planar with the second circular facing surface. The annular baffle assemblies form an acoustic waveguide.

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