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Concentrated, non-foaming solution of quarternary ammonium compounds and methods of use

Image Number 5 for United States Patent #6864269.

A concentrated quaternary ammonium compound (QAC) solution comprising a QAC with a concentration from greater than about 10% by weight and at least one solubility enhancing agent, such as an alcohol, is disclosed. A diluted QAC solution is used to contact food products to prevent microbial growth on the food products from a broad spectrum of foodborne microbial contamination. A method of contacting the food products with the dilute QAC for an application time of at least 0.1 second is disclosed. The foods that can be treated by this method are meat and meat products, seafood, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, pet foods and snacks, and any other food that can be treated and still retain its appearance and texture. One of the treatment methods is spraying and misting the QAC solutions on the food products for an application time of at least 0.1 second to prevent broad spectrum foodborne microbial contamination.

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