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Printer that incorporates a binding apparatus for binding sheets

Image Number 10 for United States Patent #6863105.

A printer includes a roller assembly for feeding sheets of print media along a feed path. A print head is positioned downstream of the roller assembly for carrying out a printing operation on the sheets of print media. An adhesive application mechanism is positioned downstream of the print head and includes first and second aligned adhesive applicators that are positioned on opposite sides of the feed path and are configured to apply adhesive simultaneously to the sheets of media as the sheets pass between the applicators along the feed path, such that the sheets each have aligned strips of adhesive on respective sides. A support structure positioned downstream of the adhesive application mechanism defines a floor onto which sheets to be bound are conveyed and a wall that extends from the floor to define a stop for the sheets that are fed onto the floor. A binding mechanism is arranged on the support structure and is displaceable with respect to the support structure to act on each sheet fed into the support structure such that the sheets are adhered together with the strips of adhesive.

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