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Nitride semiconductor substrate and method for manufacturing the same, and nitride semiconductor device using nitride semiconductor substrate

Image Number 7 for United States Patent #6861729.

A nitride semiconductor substrate including (a) a supporting substrate, (b) a first nitride semiconductor layer having a periodical T-shaped cross-section, having grown from periodically arranged stripe-like, grid-like or island-like portions on the supporting substrate, and (c) a second nitride semiconductor substrate covering said supporting substrate, having grown from the top and side surfaces of said first nitride semiconductor layer, wherein a cavity is formed under the second nitride semiconductor layer.A protective layer having a periodically arranged stripe-like, grid-like or island-like apertures is formed on the supporting substrate. The first nitride semiconductor layer is laterally grown from the exposed portion of the substrate. The growth is stopped before the first nitride semiconductor layer covers the supporting substrate. Thus, the first nitride semiconductor layer has a periodical T-shaped cross-section. Then, the protective layer is removed and the second nitride semiconductor layer is grown from the top and side surface of the first nitride semiconductor layer to cover the substrate.

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